Healing Center

The Healing Center opened several years ago and since that time many miraculous events have taken place the following are some of the testimonies:

"The day I came for prayer, I was bound by a lot of things, from my early childhood to the death of my husband.

As we begin to pray confusion was the first thing to come against me.  We prayed and bound confusion and when I went further I began to feel fire in my bones.

During prayer one man spoke that I was been healed of diabetes.  We kept on praying and the fire became hotter and I could not cool down.  In all my life as being a child of God this has been the first time I have ever felt anything like this.  Praise God I have been healed of diabetes."  H.B.

"I came to the Healing Center filled with fear, in fact I almost didn't come, but after prayer I felt the fear lift off me and I've been doing better since."  K.D.

The ministry of the Healing Center is three-fold

1.For anyone coming for prayer we ask that they first fill out a questionnaire which is about their background. It is very detailed and very confidential. The only ones who ever see it are the ones praying for the one who wants to be free.  It is important to know where where you have been to know how to pray for you.

2.  The second step is to make an appointment with the healing team.  Each prayer appointment takes about 2 hours and we cover everything that is on their questionnaire.

At the end of the session we shred the questionnaire.

3.  The third step is to get the individual involved in a church if they do not have one.  We also have a 1 year Bible College where they can learn how to live an overcoming life living in total freedom body, soul and spirit.

The Healing Center is by appointment only and days of ministry are flexible.  For more information you can call the church at 479-996-6030 or email Pastor Miller at jmiller@greenwoodfirst.com